Music for the creative soul

Today on We Scout Wednesday, we are talking music. 

I LOVE music… I prefer music, especially live music, over a movie. I enjoy many genres of music, and sometimes I am unable to put a label on what I like best.  I once told my uncle that I liked all music except for country and opera…he being a huge opera fan gasped and said “how can you compare the two in the same breath”! 

Live music especially gets me tingling.  I have been to classical concerts, marching bands, celtic show cases, rock concerts, festivals and pub / bar bands. 

My favourite is a festival.  At festivals, you get to sample music you may not normally listen to and be surprised.  I became hooked on music festivals when I lived in Smithers, BC.  (pop 5,000).  Smithers has a long running festival Midsummer Music Festival, see this years headliners here.  Now these may not be household names, but that is precisely my point.  You get to discover, hear new stuff and groove to new sound. 

I found one of my favourite bands at Roots Fest here in Victoria a number of years ago (poor festival died, lack of funds, RIP).  Brother is from Australia, but they play the music festival circuit, so if they come near you, go and see them!  You can hear their music on the website (it plays as soon as you click on it, fair warning!).  It’s a blend of, get this, celtic rock, with bagpipes and didgeridoo. 

I have collected music on my travels, almost as much as I have collected jewellery from markets.  While I may be a rocker girl at heart, with my (somewhat) oldies rock station on in the background as I work, what really gets me going is new music, different music, upbeat fun music. 

I had forgotten that I love this…now I have to dig out my packed away CD’s to load on my mp3, my computer, so I can play them whenever I need a hit. 

What music do you like?  Do you have a fave, someone you would never ever miss in concert?  Links welcome so I can hear new stuff too.


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