It’s Friday, I’m in Love: Farmer’s Markets

It must be summer, because the Farmer’s Market in Bastion Square is BACK! 

produce in Bastion Square

Yummy Local Produce / Farm Goodies

This market is run by the Island Chef’s Collaborative, with proceeds going to fund local farms.  Not only do the farm participants directly profit, there is a grant program where farms can apply to fund upgrades like new fencing and the like. 

I love farm markets almost as much as I love craft & artisan markets.  What’s not to love?  FRESH, local produce, sometimes handpicked that morning.  These veggies and fruit are so alive, flavourful, and right from my backyard so to speak.  Gives a new meaning to taste and to the abundance that is all around. 

It is important to consider your shopping habits and to support local whenever possible.  Local farm market products tend to be farmed small-scale using organic methods.  You can talk to the actual person who grew the tomato you are going to buy.  You are putting money into the local economy and healthy goodness into your body. 

Need more?  Perhaps you will be inspired by James and Alissa who spent a year on a 100-mile diet  and lived to tell the tale. 

It becomes easier, once the farm markets appear, to eat locally.  Eating locally is not only a more sustainable practice, it is healthier for you, your family and the planet.  No flying / trucking produce from places you’ve never been to.  No chemical residue clinging to the fruit that goes in your mouth. 

No GMO’s.  No trans fat.  No added sugar. 


Natural, Fresh, Delicious, Juicy


Go seek out your local farm market and see what you can find. 

Then eat it.


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