Getting rid of the busyness to get down to business

6:10pm:  I just snuck down the least used staircase in my building to check my mail.  Why was I sneaking, you ask? 

Well, I was at the end of a most creative, productive, focused day and it felt really good.  It was finding my stride, going for it and belief in self all rolled into one…great stuff!  Here’s the thing, tho’ – in such a mode / mood, I am very focused – I don’t comb my hair, brush my teeth…well, at least I get dressed…if you call red sweat pants and a not quite white t-shirt “dressed”.  Hey, it works for me. 

Most excellent day, really.  And what I found to be the awesomest?  Something subtle, yet important, shifted in my brain.  Finally, finally, I am getting it…this creative endeavour I have embarked on, this handmade jewellery adventure is my work, my life…not just a part of it…it IS my life

My Passion – creating is my passion; creating fine, unique pieces of wearable art is my passion. 

What I am just beginning to understand is that with this focus on passion, other seemingly important things become extraneous.  That the moment of creating is the only moment that matters; everything else is extra, perhaps even unnecessary. 

Even more, in order to make this life’s work viable, the passion, the focus, the business comes first.  Before the busyness that occupies much of life; the busyness that feels safe, like a life-preserver.  The dishes, the hair, recreation, heck even my yoga take a backseat on this wild ride. 

Sometimes this passion means leaving aside those once important things.  Sometimes it looks like selfishness – friends, family, partners may not understand the single-minded focus.   

Mostly it means letting go of the life raft, the comfort zone and swimming on my own.


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