Inspirational Words


“With the right words, you can change the world”

~ Charlotte A. Cavatica in the 2006 movie version of Charlotte’s Web ~


I love words.  I love how words weave into stories that morph into pictures that grab my imagination.  I prefer a good book over a movie any day.  Words, well written, allow me to create my own movie.  Predominately, I think in words. 

 Words, phrases, quotes have the power of motivation, connection



They can uplift and make you smile



Be a call to action:



They can



Or they can just be FUN*



All you need to do is





*Thanks to Kitsgal for ‘tickle the day’.



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6 responses to “Inspirational Words

  1. Aww! I love tickle the day. What is the price of the bracelets?? Your jewelry rocks. xo, m:-)

  2. Such a cool post! And I LOVE “tickle the day.” So sweet.

    Also? Now I’m going to have that “T, double E, double R, double R, double I, double F, double I, double C, C, C…” in my head ALL DAY. 🙂

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