Keep Your Silver Shiny

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver (at least 92.5%) and other metals, primarily copper.  The copper reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air, creating tarnish.  Precious metal is clay is fine silver (99.9% silver); it tarnishes slower than sterling. Note that some pieces are blackened deliberately as part of the design. 

Follow these tips to keep your silver bright:

–         Silver jewelry can be immersed in water for cleaning if there are no soft gemstones, pearls, crystals or silk thread in the piece.

–         Wash with diluted mild dishwashing liquid. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with cotton. Lay flat to air dry overnight. Store in an airtight plastic bag.

–         Same advice as with all other jewelry: avoid getting any chemicals, including perfume, hairspray, deodorant spray, body lotion, acetone, bleach, or turpentine, onto your silver jewelry.

–         Store your silver jewelry carefully so it needs less cleaning and doesn’t get scratched.

–         Wear your silver jewelry often! The color of silver becomes richer and more beautiful the more it’s worn.


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