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Why not go out on a limb?

Isn’t that where the fruit is?  ~Frank Scully

I read this over at Re:Focus:

 Just as there is much more of an incentive to lose a few pounds than to stay the same weight, just as there is much more of an incentive to run your next race faster than to  run it at the same pace, the incentive to improve is always more powerful than the false incentive to stay in one place, even if it’s the best. (emphasis added)


In my life at this time, I have been wading into this jewellery business for the past two, two and a half years.  Really just dipping my toes in to see how the water is, while at the same time gripping on to my yoga teaching lifeline. Since I am a bit of a rolling stone, I have been uncharacteristically a bit afraid to take the next steps, to leap, to forge ahead.   

Life is full of momentum and opportunity, should we only choose to seize it.  It is a step by step adventure, a string of NOW, this moment, that we, each of us, continue to create.

And so, I opened my hands and let go of my yoga teaching. 

I had to. 

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself. ~ Alan Alda



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If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

The other day, I wrote how being static can be suffocating.  This year, I am finding growth and new directions at every turn.  Life seems to be moving along, lickety-split.  I am learning and trying new things all the time.  Somehow, I am feeling different – more sure, more vibrant, more….me.   While I am not 100% finding this easy, I am willing to go along for the ride. 

More than that, I am driving this bus.

Like a chrysalis, the rapid growth for me has been quite an internal process – behind the mask, the spirit has been working; an internal metamorphosis. 

And now I am ready to burst forth into the light.

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No Static

Static  /ˈstæt.ɪk/ 


  1. unable to change
  2. fixed in place
  3. having no motion

Have you ever wished for time to slow down?  Or for things to be “the way they always were”? 

It’s true, we live in an ever-changing world, and sometimes it feels that the pace is about to overtake me.  That I can’t keep up. It is then that I wish for a bit of peace, maybe even for homeostasis  or equilibrium. 

But NEVER do I wish for a static state. 

Because without the ever-changing, ever dynamic world, there is boredom.

Without change, there is no learning.

 Without change, there is no growth.

And then where would we be?



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Yoga Gratitude

I’ve been mulling on this toping since Monday. 

I have been reading the posts over at In It To Gym It, which is a group blogging about their journeys to get fit.  I empathise with their struggles…in fact, I have had their struggles before.  The battle to lose weight, to stick to an exercise program, to eat healthy…to incorporate all of that into a lifestyle that just wasn’t that way.  Changing habits is hard.  Hard work and it requires attention and energy.  And I applaud anyone attempting to regain their health. 

I still share their journey in fitness; after all one of my reasons for hopping into 101 days of yoga was to regain my practice, and regain my overall fitness.  What struck me as I sifted through their posts, their lives was that even with this in common, something is different.  My sense of my fitness, my health is different from what I am reading on their blog.  Not that I don’t still have my moments when it is all about the 20lbs or the brownie I just ate or my busy, sometimes stressful life. 

But. and this is a big but, my sense of health, of happiness, of self  is different now.  For this I have yoga to thank. 

When I go into the room and stand on the mat, facing myself in the mirror, there is nowhere to hide.  No excuses, no mind, just breath.  It is what it is…sweat, blood and tears.  Tearing down walls, assumptions and all those exterior notions that have seeped deep into my mind, so deep that I took them on as my own.  The bright lights don’t only shine on the sweaty forehead, they shine deep in to the dark recesses of the mind,clearing it out and lighting up the soul. 

When I go into the room, I can see me, sense me, be me. 

And after, when I come out of the room, you can see me too. 



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Understanding me better

Today, I found myself irritated again.  I was irritated with someone else and with a situation.  “Just figures” I thought – “can’t believe it – I knew this would happen”. 

Then, I realized – it wasn’t “them” that I was irritated with. I was irritated with myself.  I am feeling pulled in two directions, even though I know I made a good decision, the right decision the other day.  I really enjoy teaching, being in the hot room, guiding others and seeing their practice grow and the glow in their faces.  I also enjoy and need the other, the business, the creative.  Sometimes I wish I were two bodies, so I could do more of both (I have a dual nature already, being Gemini).  Yet, I know that is not the answer.   

I can only say that I need to be pulled right now, so I can continue the testing of self, the growth, the change.  I know now is just a transition for me to something else…on the journey, on the road to who knows where.

No moss gathering here.


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