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Inspirational Words


“With the right words, you can change the world”

~ Charlotte A. Cavatica in the 2006 movie version of Charlotte’s Web ~


I love words.  I love how words weave into stories that morph into pictures that grab my imagination.  I prefer a good book over a movie any day.  Words, well written, allow me to create my own movie.  Predominately, I think in words. 

 Words, phrases, quotes have the power of motivation, connection



They can uplift and make you smile



Be a call to action:



They can



Or they can just be FUN*



All you need to do is





*Thanks to Kitsgal for ‘tickle the day’.



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Desparation becomes motivation

You can’t wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club.  ~Jack London 

Tara Gentile asks today:  Are you desperate? 

Not in that clingy, irrational, crazy way.  But in the must do something way.  In the good way that drives you into action, forces you to make decisions and causes you to take risks.  

I am there with the biz…pushing my own envelope, creating and imagining big things.  Taking advantage of learning opportunities that have landed in my lap.  

What does that all mean?  

  • It means exciting creating going on. 
  • It means new website coming soon!
  • It means full steam ahead and damn the torpedos!

It means I have gone after inspiration with a club. 

Jack London would be proud.  

Recent Creations





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Inspired by: Pink Snow

Here in Victoria, we have blooming cherry trees cycling through the city in March & April.  It’s one of the first signs of spring. 

Pink Snow, it’s been called, for the way the fallen blossoms carpet the land.

Cherry Blossoms in Victoria

Pink Snow

I love the appearance of the blossoms.  It gives the place a cheery, cherry glow, a welcome sign after our winter, which usually consists of wind, rain and sometimes all too grey days.  The pink pompoms perk me right up. 

I was inspired by the pinkness of this dichroic glass cabochon to create a cherry blossom pendant.  Here it is – in process and all finished.  You can see the glass and the small pink cubic zirconias placed in the branches:

Ready to fire

After firing, before polishing



Cheery Cherry Blossoms



How do flowers inspire you?


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