The Jewellery

Silver, known since ancient times, has long been valued as a precious metal. This lustrous white metal continues to be formed into ornaments and jewelry.

I love to create beautiful pieces for you. 

My jewellery is handcrafted with fine silver precious metal clay, sterling silver components, gemstones and glass.  I occasionally incorporate other wire or found objects for interest and accent in my pieces. 

Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a product consisting of fine particles of silver mixed with an organic binder and water to form a clay-like substance.  This can be molded and formed much like clay or plasticine.  Once shaped the way I want it, the piece is dried, sanded and fired in a kiln.  The organic binder burns away, leaving the piece of fine silver.  It’s very cool to see this process happen.  (I’ll post pictures so you can see it).

I began creating jewelry in the 1990’s.  My inspiration comes from my grandfather, who was a rock hound – he would seek out interesting rocks and later fashion his finds into jewelry.  As a young girl, I was awed by the stones and the meanings that flow from a piece of handcrafted jewelry. 

When I discovered silver precious metal clay and silver wire work, and was inspired all over again to create artisan pieces.   

I am Certified Level 1 in PMC and have taken courses in working with wire.  I am also self-taught.  I continue to learn to improve my techniques and therefore my jewellery pieces. 

You can see my work at:

  • Side Street Studio in Victoria, BC (2 locations and online)
  • Little Cricket Gift Gallery  – 2 locations:  Fort Langley and Maple Ridge, BC (Greater Vancouver)
  • Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria BC (look on the “earring wall” in the gift shop – they carry BC artisans work)
  • Bastion Square  Artisan Market:  April – October, Thursday, Friday, Saturday weather permitting

Thanks for looking at my work!


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